Horsemanship Program at CRMS

by Amanda Leahy

The CRMS Horse Program just completed its third year after a historical hiatus of more than 20 years. The program serves approximately sixteen students of varying abilities both 1st and 2nd quarter, and offers instruction in a variety of equine disciplines, including both Western and English equitation, jumping, veterinary care, horse training ethics, and all-around horse care and education.

One of the powerful trademarks of the CRMS program involves this idea of fit—providing, cultivating, and empowering students to grab hold of an opportunity, an idea, an experience and help them realize its full worth and meaning to their most authentic selves. To my mind, the reintroduction of the horse program provides a unique gateway to this greater awareness of self simply because, and simply put, horses are like oracles–they often reflect and react to whatever ‘essences’ we bring to our interaction with them. So how cool, then, to watch a never-ever rider ‘link’ to her horse’s cadence at the rising trot or a more experienced rider school a horse over a set of cross-rails in complete unison of form and function. And then, as it invariably happens at the end of every riding session, both the beginner and the advanced rider dismount and spend what I call ‘cross-species’ moments of contemplative communication and regard for the role each has brought to bear to the day’s challenges and successes and, yes, for some, open up new avenues of fit that will ground them that much more deeply to who they are and what they love.

To learn more about the Horsemanship Program visit our website.

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