Dream Project culminates in a visit to the capitol

by Aimee Yllanes

For their 5 Point Dream Project seniors Ellie Urfrig and Willa Schendler collaborated with the climate advocacy non-profit Conservation Colorado. They worked with field community organizer Ian Roche, who provided monthly lobbying training sessions to the CRMS environmental club over the course of this school year.

They applied for the Dream Project grant in hopes of expanding the environmental club’s focus beyond merely campus sustainability, and to provide a way for themselves and their peers to gain civic engagement experience and insight into the political process. Their training sessions culminated in an overnight trip to the state capitol in Denver. The students and faculty sponsor, Kayo Ogilby, had an in-person lobbying training session, which lasted several hours, where they were briefed on the four pieces of environmental legislation they would be advocating for.

After this, they walked to the capitol and had to opportunity to speak with state senator and representatives Julie McCluskie, Perry Will, and Bob Rankin. The students also sat in on various legislative sessions, walked around the floor of the senate, got to understand the real-life inner workings of our political system, and explored their civic right to engage with our representatives. Extra funds not used for food, travel, and housing will be donated to Conservation Colorado, which provided this experience for free.

“We hope that this project inspired our peers to continue a similar tradition of CRMS political engagement in the future!” – Willa and Ellie

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