Aisha Weinhold ’10, film festival founder, business owner, skimo athlete

by Tim O'Keefe

Hometown: Carbondale, Colorado
Currently Residing in: Carbondale, Colorado
Education: Prescott College (Environmental Studies Major, Adventure Education Minor)
Occupation: Owner, Ragged Mountain Sports & Founder, No Man’s Land Film Festival, an all-woman adventure film festival

How did your work with Ragged Mountain Sports come about?
I got into this work over seven years ago when I realized that one of the best ways to curb the climate crisis was to actively fight against fast fashion by encouraging mountain athletes to sell their well-loved gear and equipment. 

What other interests do you have?
I am a competitive skimo (ski mountaineering) racer and ultra-runner. I’m also endlessly entertained by feminist theory, adventure-based nonfiction, pop hip-hop and loudly debating social justice phenomena over wine.

When was the last time you visited the CRMS campus?
Over a year ago…even though I live less than a mile away!

What’s a favorite memory of a CRMS faculty member?
Every outing with Kayo Ogilby. Tele team trips were always the very best. 

You can read more about Aisha’s work with No Man’s Land Film Festival and Ragged Mountain Sports.

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