Summer Assignments

Summer Reading Assignments

At CRMS, we believe the act of reading is fundamental to becoming an intellectually, emotionally, and socially mature individual. Aside from being a requisite skill for accessing technical and factual knowledge, reading is more than merely digesting data; reading remains the most vital manner of accessing the tremendous wealth of knowledge—nearly 3,500 years’ worth—contained in the history of the written word. While visual media continues to grow, it's important to recognize that reading invites us into the myriad stories, fables, myths, and narratives that shape cultures and philosophies around the world. Through reading, we’re able to access worldviews and value systems that are foreign to us, and in doing so we strengthen our ability to understand and empathize with a multitude of peoples. As such, our summer reading strives to introduce students to interesting and entertaining stories that support literacy development and also foster an appreciation for the act of reading. While academic reading is an important skill to develop, we also want our students to see recreational reading as a vehicle for self-exploration, pleasure, and growth.

All students will read a “Grade Read” and complete an assignment. These books were selected by the English and history faculty and will be discussed in humanities classes during the first few weeks of school in the fall. In addition to this expectation, students will write a 5-paragraph, in-class essay about their read. Click on your grade level and course below for more information about your summer assignment.

NEW STUDENTS: This assignment is due in writing by Wednesday, August 21, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. MDT.

RETURNING STUDENTS: This assignment is due in writing by Monday, September 2, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. MDT.

We also strongly encourage students to choose something that interests them from the supplemental reading list, which includes recommendations from the CRMS English faculty and Head of School. Enjoy!

AP Summer Assignments

Incoming AP US History (APUSH), AP Environmental Science (APES), and AP Calculus students will have additional required summer work which can be found below or will be sent via email.

Mathematics Summer Review

Taking the full summer off can lead to significant learning loss for some students--especially in mathematics.  Students often forget much of what they have learned when they fail to reinforce learning with consistent repetition. Reviewing math problems can help students who struggle with math, and those who are already proficient, start with confidence as they move to more challenging topics.  Here is a link to resources and practice problems for students to work on over the summer.  While this practice is not required, it is strongly recommended.

Summer Review for Algebra 1

Summer Review for Algebra 2

Summer Review for Pre-Calculus