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Welcome to Colorado Rocky Mountain School!

CRMS is an ideal learning environment for high school students because of its intentional, research-based programming, deliberate size, and unrivaled geographic location. The CRMS experience is designed to address a transformative time in a young adult's life. On this doorstep to adulthood, we understand that students need to feel connected, seen, and heard, in order to fulfill their potential and move into their next phase of life with confidence, competence, and an orientation toward learning and engagement.

Text and Custom Modules

The History Department emphasizes a thematic approach to the study of history. History is viewed not solely as a continuum of time but also as a continuum of competing and complementary narratives. Faculty emphasize the way history inculcates various ideologies and belief systems into the current panoply of the human experience. In many ways, history can be seen as ongoing creation myths, which inform people’s actions and reactions within today’s global dynamic. The study of history teaches vital skills necessary for an enlightened and educated individual, such as precise analytical thinking, an awareness of bias and reductive reasoning, a contemplation of value and morality, and the ability to write specifically and persuasively on such contemplative matters.

The art of discussion among students, as opposed to a question-and-answer format, is the methodological approach of history teachers at CRMS. In addition, emphasis is placed on the following core skills: reading, retention, crafting, and expression. Ultimately, these skills demand an active and dynamic partnership between teacher and student, between thought and delivery, between inquiry and result. For non-native English speakers, please see these additional course offerings.

This course is an introduction to global issues, providing students with a geographic approach that enables them to better understand the relationships between people and the environment. We examine world problems, conflicts, the unequal distribution of wealth and power, environmental concerns, and the locations and distribution of these issues, as well as relevant cultural components.


CRMS educates the whole student. Graduates continue to be life-long learners and responsible citizens of the world. It’s a unique and powerful education in the Rocky Mountains.

Fantastic school with fantastic programs. This school has a special place in my heart.

Best thing I ever did was go to Colorado Rocky Mountain School. It was a magical time and friends for life.


Connected: Through an integrated curriculum that weaves academics, outdoor adventure, service, and the arts, Colorado Rocky Mountain School students are connected with one another, their teachers, their community, and the larger world. These connections allow students to make authentic and meaningful contributions to their school community, expand their potential, take appropriate risks in a supportive environment, and take their learning to an exceptional level.

Seen: We are deliberately sized so that every student has our full attention. Students at Colorado Rocky Mountain School are known as individuals and celebrated in this community. Every student has the opportunity to be applauded, no matter their strength - academics, athletics, community service, artistic abilities, or for their own unique characteristics.

Heard: Students at Colorado Rocky Mountain School have a voice and are encouraged to develop it. They lead and contribute to the conversations, shape school policy. Their involvement is valued throughout the program, and as a result, they are active participants in their own educational experience.

The CRMS Experience

CRMS is an ideal learning environment for high school students because of its intentional, research-based programming, deliberate size, and unrivaled geographic location.

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