Peggy Corcillo

Board of Trustee Treasurer

Appointed 2019

Affiliation: Alumni Parent
Occupation: Wealth Manager
Background: Investment Management, Finance, Non-Profit Leadership
Degrees: B.A., The College of William & Mary

What inspired you to join the CRMS Board of Trustees? I have seen the power of a CRMS education and experience as it has enabled our three sons to flourish and grow in ways that can only truly be appreciated by watching it unfold. I wish that I could have gone to a school this powerful, and wish that every high schooler could have an experience like this. I welcome the opportunity to give back to a community and cause that I believe so strongly in. 

What do you value most about CRMS?  It is hard to pick one thing I value the most about CRMS! I guess I would have to say the biggest thing is the incredible connections the students make. Between the faculty and students, amongst the students themselves, and the connections that students make to nature, the CRMS community as well as the greater community beyond CRMS, and most of all to their own purpose and path, the connections that they make are invaluable.

What are you most excited about while serving as a Trustee? I am most excited about serving a community that I cherish with a group of talented and committed trustees, faculty, and staff.