Luke Falcone ’11

Board of Trustee Member

Appointed 2018

Affiliation: Alumni
Occupation: Designer + Builder
Background: Architecture, Real estate Development
Education: M. Architecture, Southern California Institute of Architecture; B.A. Exercise Science, Willamette University

What inspired you to join the CRMS Board of Trustees? CRMS is the kind of place that reveals itself to you throughout your life. Even a few years after graduating, I often come across gifts and lessons from CRMS that I did not even know were there. My time spent on the CRMS grounds and in the Roaring Fork Valley brought out the best of me, and I want to do everything I can to give back to the place and people who make it so special.

What do you value most about CRMS? There is a lot to be said about the simple act of participation. The size and scope of the CRMS community ensures that every student has ample opportunity to pursue not only activities and studies of interest, but also applications that are beyond their grasp. Experiences like these mean a lot of wonderful successes, but even more floundering missteps. What I believe makes CRMS such an incredible place is the moment after a failure, where you are given the chance to make lasting connections as you rebuild and try again. Whether on the mountain, in the classroom, or in the chicken coop, those were the moments that shaped my time at CRMS and who I am today. 

What are you most excited about while serving as a Trustee? My stepdad once told me; “Cool people attract cool people.” I think CRMS is full of really “cool” people. I love the moment when people’s eyes brighten with curiosity as I explain my adventures and trips as a high schooler. All of those stories were made possible by a group of extremely talented and dedicated people. Not only am I extremely excited by the chance to interact and learn from those individuals again, but to have the opportunity to help them make the most of everyone’s CRMS, is a real honor. But really, I just want to see if I can still ski faster than Kayo and ride faster than Jeremy.