Katie Hyman

English Faculty

BA, History and Asian Studies, Bowdoin College

Appointed 2012

What do you do on campus?

I am the director of the international student support program. I teach ESOL English and history classes, and I teach Senior Literature. I coach the kayaking and mountain bike teams and instruct with the alpine and telemark ski program. I lead the 2nd and 3rd quarter recycling work crew. I am an advisor. I am a faculty mentor for the GSA Club and the HHJ program. I support seniors with college essay writing. I provide study support in the library two nights a week.

What is your favorite part of being an Advisor?

Within what is an already small and supportive CRMS community, the advisory program creates a niche where a group of students can feel like they are a part of an even smaller collective. I enjoy working to cultivate this supportive niche and foster a feeling of safety where my advisees can be introspective and true to themselves. I love to see the growth that occurs over the span of four years as we follow our advisees from 9th grade through graduation.

What is your favorite memory from a trip?

I’ve had the joy of leading a handful of Labyrinth Stillwater flatwater canoeing spring trips with Erik Skeaff over the years. We had a tradition of marking the halfway point of the trips with elaborate, costume-bedecked murder mystery parties. Each time, our students adopted their character’s background story with endearing alacrity and a surprising knack for character acting. There’s nothing like seeing a group of rapscallion pirates throwing accusations back-and-forth beneath Triassic Moenkopi and Chinle rock formations.