Jarin Rice

Mathematics Faculty

B.A. - Psychology, Rice University

M.A. - Mathematics, Western Governors University

Jarin joined CRMS in 2021 as the Algebra 2 teacher, Dorm Team Leader for the Roaring Fork House, and will be coaching in the climbing program. He has worked in education since 2016 and began his career in public schools in southern California, before teaching at a private boarding school in Utah. Jarin also taught at an independent school in the bay area of California before relocating to Carbondale to join the CRMS community this year.

Jarin studied Math and Psychology at Rice University and Western Governors University and has taught both subjects in his time as an educator. Mathematics, psychology, philosophy, and social justice are some of his academic interests. He enjoys interdisciplinary, student-centered approaches to learning. In his free time, he enjoys meditation, yoga, reading, hiking, and camping.