Heather Froelicher ’77

Learning Specialist

BS, Wildlife Biology Colorado State University

Special Education License, Western State Colorado University

Klingenstein Fellow, Columbia University Teaching College

Appointed 2008

What do you do on campus?

I am the Learning Specialist, oversee Peer tutoring and co-lead Spring Trips

What is your favorite School tradition?

Interim and Senior Project

What is your favorite memory from a service crew?

Seeing a student who had received academic support become a Peer Tutor and then deliver Academic Support!!

How do trips and service reinforce what students are learning in their classes?

There are so many “soft” skills…grit, connection, resilience, perseverance, collaboration, gratitude etc . that are developed on trips and of course they have strong bearing in academics !! In Peer tutoring students reinforce their own understanding of material by teaching to others! On trips students get to apply subjects they have learned in the classroom ( geology, botany) in the environments we travel in. We hope they learn to love these environments and will become good land stewards.