George Weber

Music Department Chair, Music Faculty

BM, Music, University of Colorado

MM, Music, University of Colorado

Appointed 1996

What do you do at CRMS? I teach five music classes from beginning, intermediate, advanced to senior music. I am a dorm parent. I am an advisor. I am a base-camp manager along with Lynn. We are responsible for preparing food and gear for all of the CRMS outdoor trips.

Why is music an important component of high school education? Music is an important component of any educational institution. It is often a place where like-minded and motivated students enjoy spending time with each other. They enjoy exploring the many engaging and fun aspects of music. They have fun learning about and preparing the music for a live performance. My personal goal is that every music student leaves CRMS with a life long passion for and appreciation of music.

How is CRMS’s program distinctive? We have an active program, academics and dorm life. These three things, in combination, bring it all together and help to mold a wonderful young person who will most likely have an enduring, outstanding and positive impact on the world as they depart from CRMS.

What is your favorite aspect of life at CRMS? Being part of a vibrant community that enjoys education and the outdoors!!