Chelsea Congdon Brundige

Board of Trustee Member

Appointed 2013

Affiliation: Parent of Alumni
Occupation: Media strategist and producer, river management consultant
Background: Western water policy and natural resource specialist with Environmental Defense Fund, documentary film producer and media strategist with First Light Films
Degrees: B.A., Yale University; M.A., University of California Berkeley

What inspired you to join the CRMS Board of Trustees? The CRMS experience was central in my family life as my own sister Natasha Congdon attended CRMS, and both of my parents, Noel and Tom Congdon served on the CRMS Board. The school was a very good place for our daughter Tashi Brundige. After having served on the Board of COMPASS (Aspen and Carbondale Community Schools) I was inspired to join the CRMS Board.

What do you value most about CRMS? CRMS offers an education that focuses on the whole student and their individual journey to discover themselves as a person with agency and aspiration in the world. 

What are you most excited about while serving as a Trustee? My ongoing passion with CRMS is focused on how the school’s programs remain inspirational and competitive in the boarding school landscape, how we diversify our student and faculty and experiences to reflect a genuine commitment to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to the stewardship of the school’s natural resources and built campus in a manner that is environmentally sensitive.