A.O. Forbes ’69

History Faculty

BA, MA, Geography, University of Colorado

Appointed 1986

What do you do on campus? I teach political geography to seniors, Interim leader, advisor, co-lead Senior Project, coach soccer (Girls), lead a Spring Trip and help run All School Meeting.

What is your favorite aspect of School life? CRMS is predicated on relationships that are profound because we all see each other in so many situations; situations that most often ask us to “show up” in ways that are revealing, and that ask relentlessly for our best selves. CRMS is impatient with anything less than authentic, and that is a powerful call to all of us. So as a teacher I often have a student in my class, in soccer and perhaps I have been on a trip and or played music with them… so we know each other well and that is a contagious call to love each other as well as life in general. Because life at CRMS is a miracle.

Why are the humanities an important part of modern high school education? Humanities give life a spatial-temporal context for being fully human and being human in the Anthropocene will ask us to connect the intrinsic nature of reality with our natural human experience. Science is empirical but it often falls short on our ability to find our spiritual place on the planet. A music teacher I had once told me that I had a big heart and that I needed to practice scales, fingering exercises etc so that my heart could get out into the world… humanities helps us to be human.