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The History Department emphasizes a thematic approach to the study of history. History is viewed not solely as a continuum of time but also as a continuum of competing and complementary narratives. Faculty emphasize the way history inculcates various ideologies and belief systems into the current panoply of the human experience. In many ways, history can be seen as ongoing creation myths, which inform people’s actions and reactions within today’s global dynamic. The study of history teaches vital skills necessary for an enlightened and educated individual, such as precise analytical thinking, an awareness of bias and reductive reasoning, a contemplation of value and morality, and the ability to write specifically and persuasively on such contemplative matters.

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What stands out to me about CRMS is the dedication of the teachers. The teachers here support me and want me to succeed, especially if I put in the work.  My Spanish teacher put extra time into his teaching to focus on how I’d learn best. 

Stella G.W., 11th Grade

The CRMS community here is strong and no one is left out. Students try to include everyone, no matter who you are or where you are from. My old school was not like that. People here try to make you feel part of the community. 

Jacob S., 9th Grade

At CRMS we are lucky to have unique and special opportunities that we would not have at other schools, like Interim. Last year my Interim was the Civil Rights History and Refugee Activism trip through Georgia and Alabama.

Samantha B., 10th Grade 

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To read about Jeff's views on happiness in today's society as well as how the teenage brain functions, please visit our blog.

The International Student Program is designed to support international students as they transition to school and life in the US.
All new international students begin the school year with an orientation program before the new student Wilderness Orientation backpacking trip. During the new international student orientation, students and parents are provided an opportunity to acclimatize both to CRMS’ altitude and to the school’s culture. During the orientation week, students will meet their advisors, get a taste of the CRMS active program and work crews, tour campus, take placement assessments, shop for dormitory supplies, socialize with their peers, and get to know the greater Roaring Fork Valley.
Once the students settle into their daily life at school and begin their coursework, they continue to find support from the International Student Program. The program offers intermediate and advanced/integrated ESOL courses, TOEFL test preparation, and transportation to test locations, special international student outings and weekend programming, assistance with travel plans, and on-campus cultural events. The director of the International Student Program is available to support and celebrate international students at CRMS.

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a student at Colorado Rocky Mountain School! We are thrilled to share our incredible program with you and are eager to learn more about who you are as an individual and how you will engage with our school community.