Opportunities Abound

Extracurricular Activities Interest College Admission Officers

Summer break is a great opportunity for students to pursue their interests and gain greater experience in paid or volunteer jobs, internships, and other meaningful activities. In addition to gaining life experience and a sense of fulfillment, summer activities are also seen by college admission officers as a demonstration of a student’s ability to act responsibly and make a commitment. Students should think of their extracurricular activities as one of the best ways to show college admissions officers what they’re interested in and what’s important to them. Doing something related to your passion is more important than what that passion happens to be. Colleges need committed students and leaders in every field of interest. Students who spend the summer developing their interests, whatever they may be, will be doing what they enjoy while enhancing their college applications at the same time.

The following list has been compiled from various sources to give students an idea of the breadth of possibilities for summer opportunities and to provide a starting point in their search. We will routinely be expanding the list. Please note, these listings are not being endorsed by CRMS. Families should individually research and thoughtfully investigate any program of interest. Please contact Betsy with additional questions.


Outdoor Adventure
Learning Differences
Cultural Immersion/Study Abroad
Visual and Performing Arts


Name: College of William and Mary Pre-Collegiate Program in Early American History
Locations: Virginia
Website: http://www.wm.edu/niahd
Fees: Virginia Residents: $3,450 Non-Virginia Residents: $3,990
Dates /Duration: 1st Session: June 21- July 11, 2009;
2nd Session: July 12--August 1, 2009
Description: This immersive program will offer a variety of approaches to studying the past, but the chief feature will be classes conducted "on site" at the abundant historic places in the Chesapeake region. Readings and classroom work at the College will set the stage for the site visits. Instructors will use archaeology sites, surviving period structures, historic landscapes, battlefields, and a series of museums to guide students in a search for the American past

Name: ASA: The Oxford Experience
Locations: England
Website: http://www.asaprograms.com/program/oxford/index
Fees: $7,295 for Session I and $6,295 for Session II
Dates /Duration: June 28 - July 24, 2010 and July 27 - August 14, 2010
Description: The Oxford Experience by gives students a taste of life as an Oxford University undergraduate and the chance to discover the living, breathing culture of England for themselves. Students and staff live at Lady Margaret Hall, one of the University's 39 colleges, with the vibrant and bustling city of Oxford at their doorstep. The setting in one of Europe's most culturally rich cities provides ample adventure, while the program facilitates a wide range of activities and fantastic excursions.

Name: Oxbridge Academic Programs
Locations: International
Website: www.oxbridgeprograms.com
Fees: $6,895-$7,195
Dates /Duration: Varies
Description: Our programs are designed for students in grades 8 to 12, with the goal of giving young them the opportunity to live and study in the historic and scholarly centers of learning that are Oxford and Cambridge in England, Barcelona in Spain, and Paris and Montpellier in France. We offer a wide variety of courses in the sciences, humanities, social sciences and creative subjects, transcending traditional classroom limitations and school curricula. Our programs in France and Spain offer French and Spanish language courses for all levels, taught in context by native speakers. Outside of class, students enjoy a variety of field trips, innovative workshops, illustrious guest speakers, and afternoon and evening activities –all designed by our imaginative Activities Directors. Trips to ancient ruins and medieval churches, visits to iconic landmarks and hidden treasures, games of soccer and Frisbee, punting and pétanque, concerts and plays, talent nights and dances all create a happy community of friends.

Name: Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute
Locations: Upstate NY- Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Website: http://academic.hws.edu/enviro/index.html
Fees: $2,200
Dates /Duration: Two weeks. July 11th - 24th (2010)
Description: Located in the heart of New York's Finger Lakes region, on beautiful Seneca Lake, the Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute at Hobart and William Smith Colleges provides exceptional opportunities to explore the scientific, social, and humanistic perspectives of environmental issues. The Institute offers a two-week, college-level interdisciplinary program for talented high-school students entering their junior and senior years. The program is designed as an introduction to a variety of environmental issues and perspectives on nature and our environment. You will have the opportunity to work closely with Hobart and William Smith faculty members in small groups, conducting hands-on research with first-rate equipment, and learning individually and collectively in a rigorous yet noncompetitive atmosphere. A love of nature, learning, and the outdoors provides the focus for this unique educational experience.

Outdoor Adventure

Name: Wilderness Ventures
Locations: Large variety of program locations
Website: http://www.wildernessventures.com/wilderness_camp/
Fees: Varies – (Example-$ 3,490 16 day trip)
Dates /Duration: Dates vary depending on location\
Description: The major emphasis of our expeditions is wilderness living. Most of our time is spent in a variety of wild environments: alpine, rain forest, beach, tundra, and desert canyon. We go into these areas with an awareness that only with careful use will the fragile balance of wilderness be preserved for future generations. No other program has had more experience than Wilderness Ventures conducting safe and successful outdoor adventure travel experiences for young adults. Over the past 37 years, more than 18,500 young people have participated in nearly 1,800 trip groups. This vast experience has enabled us to plan our trips to avoid potential problems and to guarantee a smoothly running summer for all.

Name: Deer Hill
Locations: Utah, Colorado, Arizona
Website:  http://www.deerhillexpeditions.com/summer-programs/
Fees: Varies (Example-$ 4,500 25 day trip)
Dates /Duration: Varies -15-25 day programs
Description: For over 25 years, we have been providing exciting adventure summer camp programs for teenagers, combining wilderness adventure with the opportunity to work with native peoples on service projects that honor their traditional lifeways, or on conservation projects that preserve the beauty of the American West.

Name: National Outdoor Leadership Schools- NOLS
Locations: International
Website: www.nols.edu
Fees: Varies (Example-$ 4,000 - 31 day trip)
Dates /Duration: Varies- Summer
Description: Founded in 1965 by legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt, NOLS--a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational institution--takes people of all ages on remote wilderness expeditions, teaching technical outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental ethics in some of the world’s wildest and most awe-inspiring classrooms. What NOLS teaches cannot be learned in a classroom or on a city street. It takes practice to learn outdoor skills and time to develop leadership. The wilderness provides the ideal setting for this unique education.

Name: Outward Bound
Locations: Throughout the US
Website: www.Outwardbound.org
Fees: Varies $1,500-5,000
Dates /Duration: Varies- Summer
Description: On an Outward Bound wilderness expedition, you set off on a journey of discovery. Go beyond your expectations. You can do it. You're stronger than you think. And tougher, more resourceful, more courageous, more tuned in. We're there with support, encouragement, and instruction. We guide you on the first step of a journey that continues for the rest of your life

Name: Catalina Sea Camp
Locations: California
Website: www.astrocamp.org
Fees: $3,300 per session
Dates /Duration: Two three-week sessions available
Description: From SCUBA to Sailing, Marine Science to Seafood Cookery, and everywhere in-between, Catalina Sea Camp offers courses for all levels and interests. Whether you’re a complete beginner or already an expert, our programs will challenge you, excite you and – with our professional “real-world” instructors and certifications – advance your skill-level and knowledge.

Name: Sail Caribbean
Locations: Caribbean, British Virgin Islands and the Leeward Islands
Website: http://www.sailcaribbean.com/
Fees: Varies $3,300-$5,500
Dates /Duration: Summer- 12-21 day programs
Description: On every program your home is on the water. You live aboard a modern 47-50' monohull yacht or 43-47' catamaran with 9-11 other teens in your age group making new friends and forming a solid team. Your boat sails with others in a fleet that can range in size from 2 to 6 boats depending on the program. Your itinerary provides a balance of both small and large fleet experiences. There are plenty of full fleet sailing days, offering healthy competition and camaraderie, as well as independent days when the fleets break into smaller groups and the students determine their own schedule, activities, and anchorages.

Name: Broadreach Summer Adventures for Teenagers
Locations: International
Website: www.gobroadreach.com
Fees: $3,880-$5,780 depending on the program
Dates /Duration: 2-4 week adventures in June, July and August.
Description: Broadreach offers unsurpassed experiential summer adventures for teenagers including scuba, sailing, surfing, marine biology, multi-sport and wilderness programs that span the globe. Each year we take over 800 teenagers to some of the world’s most incredible destinations including the islands of the Caribbean, Australia, Fiji, Central and South America, China, France, Canada and the Bahamas.

Name: Adventure Treks
Locations: Western US
Website: www.adventuretreks.com
Fees: $2495 - $4345
Dates /Duration: 16 - 29 Days
Description: Adventure Treks offers 2-4 week Adventures in the Pacific Northwest, California, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Canada. Join us for your best summer ever: peer into a smoking crater on Mt St Helens, backpack on the beach with your new best friends, and paddle the Klamath for 3 days in California. We have the highest student return rate (60%) of any similar program, and the best instructors.

Name: ActionQuest Global Adventure
Locations: International
Website: www.actionquest.com
Fees: See website for updated information
Dates /Duration: 21 day, 17 days
Description: ActionQuest is an incredible adventure that is yours for the taking. For over 30 years, ActionQuest has consistently delivered high quality, expedition-based summer programs for teenagers. Through hands-on experiential learning and adventure travel throughout the world, we have successfully ignited the inherent leadership skills within thousands of young adults.


Name: Junior Statesmen Summer School

Locations: Georgetown and Princeton
Website: www.jsa.org/summer08
Fees: $4,695
Dates /Duration: Georgetown Session I: June 14-July 5; Session II: July 12-August 2 - Princeton- June 21 - July 16, 2009
Description: The Junior Statesmen Summer School provides not only an advanced college curriculum focused on politics and government, but the experience of a lifetime for outstanding high school scholars. As a high school student, you will find your voice, discover what you know and believe and develop the ability to articulate those thoughts and values to others.

Learning Differences

Name: Landmark College High School Summer Session

Locations: Vermont
Website: www.landmark.edu/programs/summer/high_school_summer.cfm
Fees: $4,500
Dates /Duration: Three weeks
Description: This program helps students who learn differently learn how to maximize their potential. Develop a writing process; discover your academic strengths and personal learning style and learn to leverage them in all coursework. Classes include: Academic Strategies Seminar, a Writing Elective; and a General Elective. Extracurricular activities and field trips are part of the program.

Cultural Immersion / Study Abroad

Name: Putney Student Travel
Locations: International
Website: http://www.goputney.com/About/Putney/about_putney_Frame.htm
Fees: Varies depending upon location and duration
Dates /Duration: Varies depending upon location
Description: Putney’s Community Service projects help sow seeds for progress around the globe. Each day, the group breaks into small work crews to improve schools or community centers, construct or repair housing for low-income families, run enrichment programs for local children, help people in need, and much more. Working alongside people from the host country, students build friendships and learn new skills. In selecting appropriate community service locations, Putney responds to invitations from host governments, and often collaborates with private foundations. Attention is given to safety, community stability, and proven need. Travel-based programs balance city life with country living, world-renowned sites with off-the-beaten track experiences. Live with a homestay family for a week in New Zealand or Italy, swim in the Adriatic Sea or in sheltered lagoons behind the Great Barrier Reef, ski the glaciers of Mount Cook in New Zealand, or explore the cultural treasures of Florence, Sydney, Amsterdam, or Paris.

Name: Spoleto Study Abroad
Locations: Italy
Website: www.spoletostudyabroad.com
Fees: $5,800
Dates /Duration: July 2 - July 27
Description: A 4-week Arts and Humanities Summer Study Abroad program designed for high school students interested in visual arts, photography, vocal training, chamber music, creative writing, drama & dance in the Renaissance town of Spoleto, Italy. Students are immersed in their area of artistic interest and twice a week travel to nearby cities such as Florence, Tivoli, Orvieto, and Siena.

Name: Broadreach Academic Treks
Locations: International
Website: www.academictreks.com
Fees: $3,780-$6,680 depending on the trip selected
Dates /Duration: two to four weeks
Description: Academic Treks educational summer adventures combine experiential learning, traditional classroom learning and community service learning with wilderness adventure, international travel and cultural immersion to create unforgettable and enriching expeditions. Choose marine science adventures, language immersion opportunities, or community service options. Earn college credit & 10-55 hours service.

Name: Global Leadership Adventures
Locations: International
Website: www.experienceGLA.com
Fees: Varies depending upon location and duration
Dates /Duration: Varies depending upon location
Description: Volunteer through teen study abroad with inspirational community service organizations. Learn first hand about a country, its culture and people through teen study abroad. Discover a country in a way that no textbook could ever describe!


Name: Ethically Engaged Youth
Locations: 2010-Kenya, Nepal, New Orleans, Bolivia
Website: http://www.ethicallyengagedyouth.org
Fees: See website for individual trip expenses
Dates /Duration: June 13th- July 1st
Description: The mission of Ethically Engaged Youth Inc. (EEY) is to inspire high school students to engage as active global citizens through full-immersion service programs. EEY programming is designed to educate the next generation of global citizens. We believe that studying through the "5 lenses of EEY" (political, economic, geographic cultural, and ethical), working on-site with non-government organizations (NGO's), and presenting publically upon return, students can broaden their appreciation for the complexity of world issues and stimulate their moral imaginations with a vision of change.

Name: Lifeworks: Global Service and Adventure Programs for Teens
Locations: International
Website: www.lifeworks-international.com
Fees: Please check website for current costs
Dates /Duration: 21 days- Please check website for current dates
Description: If you are considering volunteering abroad and are looking for a summer camp or program that focuses on community service and volunteer work while incorporating international travel, outdoor education, language and cultural immersion, then join the lifeworks team this summer and help make a difference. Programs offered in the BVI, Galapagos, Thailand, China, India, Peru and Costa Rica.

Name: Student Conservation Association
Locations: Throughout the US
Website: www.thesca.org
Fees: Participants pay for travel expenses to and from worksite
Dates /Duration: varies
Description: SCA provides college and high school-aged members with hands-on conservation service opportunities in virtually every field imaginable, from tracking grizzlies through the Tetons to restoring desert ecosystems and teaching environmental education at Washington, D.C.’s Urban Tree House. We are truly building the next generation of conservation leaders.

Name: Global Works
Locations: International
Website: www.globalworksinc.com
Fees: $3,000-$6,000
Dates /Duration: 14-34 days – Dates vary depending on location
Description: Global Works summer trips for teens offer an exciting and rewarding experience by providing an additional "purpose" for travel. Community Service projects become the impetus and "bridge" for meaningful cultural exchange and language learning. Our groups work, play, and celebrate with communities and families around the world. Global Works wants your summer travel program to not only be fun and adventuresome, but to also involve a spark for social change in the world!

Visual and Performing Arts

Name: School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Locations: Boston
Website: www.smfa.edu 
Fees: Residential Tuition $6,700- Commuter Tuition $3,800
Dates /Duration: June 27 - July 30, 2010
Description: The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s (SMFA) 5-week Pre-College Summer Studio is a unique and rigorous program focused on making, sharing, and living art. Take your art-making to the next level, expand your portfolio and earn 5 college credits by exploring 2D, 3D and digital arts at the SMFA this summer.
Qualifications: 16 to 20 years of age

Name: Otis College of Art and Design
Locations: Los Angeles CA
Website: http://www.otis.edu/continuing_education/summer_of_art/index.html
Fees: $2600

Dates /Duration: July 6- 31
Description: This intensive, four-week, pre-college program is for those 15 and older who wish to study at one of the top art and design colleges in the country. Small classes ensure personalized, in-depth learning. Rigorous course work includes both hands-on studio classes in a chosen area of concentration and Foundation Studio classes. Classes meet 9 a.m.–4:20 p.m. on weekdays, and include homework. Many of the instructors are award-winning, practicing designers and artists who teach in Otis’ BFA program. Contact with instructors provides a glimpse into the working lives of professional artists and designers, and introduces students to career choices. Working with faculty members, students selects their best work for the final exhibition displayed throughout the campus,

Name: Pratt Institute PreCollege Summer Program
Locations: Brooklyn and Manhattan NY
Website: http://www.pratt.edu/academics/continuing_education_and_professional/pro_credit_programs/precollege/hs_programs/ Fees: $ 4000
Dates /Duration: Tuesday, July 6 -Friday, July 30, 2010
Description: Every summer, Pratt sponsors a college-level program for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors at its Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses. The program attracts about 400 students. It is an intensive immersion experience in art , design or architecture. The summer program regularly attracts national and international students. Students choose an elective course such as fine arts/painting & drawing, graphic design, illustration (traditional or digital), fashion design (Brooklyn only), photography, architecture and creative writing. Students develop their creative skills, build an effective portfolio for college admission, and earn four college credits. Scholarships are available based on merit.

Name: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Locations: Los Angeles: San Francisco: San Diego
Website: http://fidm.edu/events/days-of-fashion/more-information.html 
Fees: $250 per student. Lodging and transportation to and from 3 Days of Fashion are not included
Dates /Duration: June 23 – 25, June 30 - July 2, June 28 - 30
Description: Each day consists of hands-on workshops and guest speakers from the Fashion, Merchandising, and Marketing industries.

Name: Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Pre-College Art Academy
Locations: Denver, CO
Website: http://www.rmcad.edu/high-school-programs/camps-and-workshops
Fees: Approx: $1100
Dates /Duration: 5 day programs- Dates vary depending on course selection
Description: If you are in high school and serious about your art, talk to your parents about enrolling in our Pre-College Art Academy programs. Taught by professional artists and designers, many of whom are part of the RMCAD faculty, these classes, workshops and camps can help you; get an early look at what college life is like, build your portfolio in preparation for applying to an art & design college, give you ideas about how you can bring your artwork to the next level, meet other talented young artists from the Denver region and around the country

Name: US Performing Arts Camp
Locations: Colleges and universities throughout the US
Website:  www.usperformingarts.com
Fees: $1,000-$4,000 Depending on duration
Dates /Duration: Varies depending on course selection
Description: When we founded US Performing Arts Camps our mission was to provide the very best training in the arts, both in performing arts and media. We set out to create summer programs that would give passionate and talented students the opportunity to hone their craft with the best professionals in the country.

Name: Savannah College of Art and Design Summer Seminars
Locations: Atlanta & Savannah GA
Website:  http://www.scad.edu/programs/community-ed-summer/summer-seminars.cfm
Fees: $1,050
Dates /Duration: Atlanta: July 12-18 and July 19-25, 2009; in Savannah: June 22-27, July 5-11, July 12-18, and July 19-25, 2009
Description: SCAD Summer Seminars were designed for students looking for ways to express their creativity during the summer. The one-week residential and nonresidential summer workshops are for high school students who have completed their freshman, sophomore, or junior year. Through exciting educational workshops in Savannah and Atlanta, SCAD Summer Seminars promise participants a week they will never forget. Seminar topics include animation, architectural sketching, digital photography, drawing, fashion, furniture design, game design, graphic design, painting, printmaking, performing arts, production design, sculpture, sequential art, and video and television.

Name: New York Film Academy-Summer Film and Acting Camps

Locations: New York City , Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Yale University, New Haven, CT (Only for age 16-17), Universal Studios, Los Angeles, CA, London, England, Paris, France, Disney Studios, Orlando, FL, Florence, Italy
Website:  http://www.nyfa.com/summer_camp/about_us/philosophy.html 
Fees: $1,500-$7,000
Dates /Duration: 1-6 weeks
Description: In Our high school programs are designed for students with little or no previous filmmaking, acting, or animation experience. They are intensive, short and long term courses that fully immerse students in the craft of writing, directing, casting, shooting, acting in, editing, and animating their own films. Each year hundreds of students from around the world benefit from the extraordinary education offered at the New York Film Academy. The Academy is a learning center for individuals who want to explore film and video arts or performance for the screen and stage. For students ages fourteen to seventeen, the New York Film Academy offers a pre-college enrichment experience that is unparalleled.
Name: Berklee College of Music Summer Programs
Locations: Boston MA
Website:  http://www.berklee.edu/summer/fiveweeksummer/program-like.php
Fees: $1,000-$7,500
Dates /Duration: Summer- Varies
Description: The Five-Week Program emphasizes the mastery of playing or singing skills in your chosen style of contemporary music: jazz, pop/rock, funk/fusion, or pop/r&b. You will learn through your individual studies and through your work with other musicians of similar training and ability. Whether you are an experienced performer or someone who has never been in front of an audience, you can improve your performance skills by attending the Five-Week Program. The focus is on you and what you want to say with your music, in an environment that is pure performance.

Name: School of Cinema and Performing Arts SOCAPA

Locations: New York, California and Vermont
Website:  http://www.socapa.org/index.php
Fees: $1,400-3,700
Dates /Duration: 1 to 3 week sessions
Description: Join the next generation of visual and performing artists at SOCAPA, the School of Cinema and Performing Arts. With teen and youth summer programs ranging in length from two to six weeks, and campuses in New York, California and Vermont there's no excuse for not taking action.
Since it was founded in 1998, SOCAPA has quickly become one of the premier visual and performing arts programs for young people in the world. Nowhere else will you find this level of creative intensity combined with this much fun. Whether you are acting in a film along Lake Champlain, dancing in a hip-hop video under the Brooklyn Bridge, or conducting a fashion shoot on Venice Beach, you're sure to have the experience of a lifetime!

Name: School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Pre-College Summer Studio 2010
Locations: Boston MA
Website:  http://www.smfa.edu/-pre-college-summer-studio
Fees: $3,800-$6,700
Dates /Duration: June 27- July 30, 2010
Description: In the Pre-College Summer Studio you will explore painting, drawing, printmaking, video, digital photography, sound art, nstallation, sculpture, and performance. These core courses will encompass basic skills, experimentation, conceptual thinking, collaboration, problem solving techniques, critique, and discussion. The program will also include presentations, resources, and one-on-one guidance in regard to portfolio building, career paths in the arts, and the college application process.

Name: School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Early College Summer Institute

Locations: Chicago IL
Website:  http://www.saic.edu/continuing_studies/high_school/summer_institute/index.html
Fees: $3,300-$5,200
Dates /Duration: June 28-July 16 & July 19-30
Description: The ECP Summer Institute two- and three-week courses offer a challenging curriculum, evening workshops, and outstanding studio facilities. In the Summer Institute, students don’t start with the basics, but build on their already gained knowledge, allowing them to work at a more sophisticated level. The ECP Summer Institute is a serious academic program where students are expected to work hard and take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them.

Name: The University of the Arts Pre-College Summer Institute
Locations: Philadelphia PA
Website:  http://cs.uarts.edu/pdfs/SIBrochure_2010.pdf
Fees: $1,600-$4,000
Dates /Duration: Varies- July 12-August 6
Description: The Pre-College Summer Institute encourages students to push themselves to their personal limits, expose themselves to new ideas and techniques, live within a community of artists in a thrilling urban environment and learn from dedicated and talented faculty.

Name: Putney School Summer Programs
Locations: Vermont
Email: summer@putneyschool.org 
Fees: $3,450
Dates /Duration: 3-week sessions
Description: The Putney School Summer Programs offer studio intensives in visual arts, performing arts, creative writing and farm/horsemanship for high school students. In daytime workshops and evening activities, students immerse themselves in creative exploration. We form a close-knit community on a beautiful hilltop campus in rural Vermont. We also offer English language classes for international students.

Business Programs

Name: Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurship (LIFE)
Locations: Susquehanna University, Pennsylvania
Website: www.susqu.edu/life
Fees: $995 includes room and board for entire week
Dates /Duration: July 11-17, 2010
Description: Exciting, educational, week-long experience in business leadership. Students work in teams to start and run their own companies. They learn about finance, personnel, inventory, sales, advertising, and the importance of collaboration. Successful entrepreneurs engage students throughout the week. Field trips to Hershey and the Harley Davidson Plant are also included. Have the time of your LIFE!
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