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Students competing in the 2014-15 Oystermeister!

CRMS students lay sod outside the brand new state-of-the-art library during All School Workday.

CRMS kicked off the 2014-15 school year with a formal dinner followed by an all school photo (above).

CRMS welcomed our new international students on Monday, and the rest of our new students will join us later this week. The 2014-15 school year has officially begun!

CRMS Wilderness Assistants arrive three weeks prior to school to donate their time in the service of their fellow classmates.

Colorful harvests from the CRMS Organic Garden

The Aspen Science Center joined Colorado Rocky Mountain School to bring their “Physics BBQ for Kids” series to Carbondale & CRMS.

Asparagus from the CRMS Organic Garden Program 

Congratulations to a few of ladies from the Class of 2014!

Vlad celebrates after receiving his diploma!

CRMS AP Environmental Science students on the tarmac before their EcoFlight.

On a beautiful afternoon, students enjoyed an afternoon game of capture the flag (with water balloons). Here is a group picture prior to the ensuing chaos.

Students hard at work on the Ranch Work Crew

Students paddling during the kayak portion of this year's Oystermeister!

Spring has arrived at CRMS!

CRMS students during their performance of "The Mousetrap."

On Saturday, CRMS unveiled its brand new, state-of-the-art, Library and Learning Center with a bio-degradable balloon launch (and bio-degradable strings).

Learning in (and from) the outdoors has been an essential part of the CRMS curriculum since the very beginning. The 1970s marked the introduction of the Wilderness Session as the first experience of all students to "ready" them for the rigors and wonders of the CRMS school year.

We found this treasure in the CRMS archives and from the listed date, we are guessing this is a peak ascent during a Wilderness session in August of 1975.

Students take a break during the Weekend Rendezvous Trip to Silverton Mountain.

Sophomores having a blast during Sophomore Interim.

CRMS students engaging in robotics during Interim.

Dr. Jim Gaw and a CRMS student work on a solar car during Interim.

CRMS students take a break during the recent climbing competition.

Students were all smiles after the Nordic Oystermeister event.

As a part of the CRMS 60th Anniversary Celebration, the school invited Auden Schendler to speak about Sustainability. Formerly an English, math, telemark skiing and rock climbing teacher at CRMS from 1994 to 1996. He remembers teaching in wet ski pants; being referred to by one student as Kaiser Sose, the archcriminal from the film The Usual Suspects. After CRMS Auden worked at Rocky Mountain Institute as a sustainable business researcher, and then moved to Aspen Skiing Company, where he is now Vice President of Sustainability. He is the author of "Getting Green Done" and is very passionate about challenging us to be activist in saving our civilization.

About 40 students met up on the pond recently for a skating party with hockey, sledding, and smores!

Fremond, Class of 2014, shooting a jump shot at a recent basketball game.

CRMS Students perform at the Winter Band Concert.

A view of Mt. Sopris from CRMS on a wintery morning. Photo by Kayo Ogilby

CRMS students meeting with Betsy, Director of College Counseling. 

A snapshot from the CRMS Fall Musical, "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee."

CRMS Students skinned up Snowmass this weekend to take advantage of first tracks!

CRMS students celebrate after finishing the biking portion of the 2013 Oystermeister.

The new Library Learning Center under construction.

Students displayed their talent at Coffee House over the weekend.

A member of the CRMS Kayak team prepares to hit the water.

The CRMS X-Country Team at a recent meet.

Two CRMS science faculty members cut the ribbon at the dedication of the new, state-of-the-art, Science Center.

CRMS Boy's Soccer remains undefeated after beating Aspen High School 3-2 in an overtime thriller!

CRMS Students came together on All School Workday to lay sod in front of the new, state-of-the-art, Science Center.

First year students hit the trail during Wilderness Orientation.

The Graduating Class of 2013

Anisa and Vladimir at the Spring Band Concert.

A CRMS math class taking advantage of beautiful spring weather.

Seniors enjoyed a special dinner before they departed for their Senior Projects. Photo by Riley Ames

 Spring Trip 2013 – Photo by Cormac McGeough '14

Exciting progress on the state-of-the-art Science Building.

Camden looks to make a pass during a recent game against Moffat.

Students kayak the rivers of Chile on a recent cross-cultural exchange program called Rios to Rivers

Construction workers break ground on the state-of-the-art Science Center.

Ana-Maria hard at work during Silversmithing Interim.

Anne Marie (right) explores different fabric during her Sewing Interim.

Students and faculty enjoying the sunshine during their Interim Avalanche studies.

Hannah, Justine, and Michaela collaborate in the glassblowing workshop during Interim.

A shot from the Photography Interim group, which visited the Grand Canyon.

Mae Peshlakai, a well-known Navajo silversmith, assists a student during Interim.

CRMS Students gather in the Bar Fork (dining hall) for a quick photo.

Robinson Meng, class of ’14, captures this flower beautifully with studio lighting.

Oystermeister Nordic Race last week. Students vs. Faculty at Spring Gulch. A great day for competition and fun! Photo by Jamie '13.

CRMS buses lined up outside of the entrance to Spring Gulch, where the famous Nordic Oystermeister event occurs.

CRMS students spot a fellow climber as he reaches the top of a route during a recent climbing competition.

CRMS alumni came back to campus over the holiday to visit with former faculty and staff.
Front (L to R): Ethan Kallaway '11, Maria Mork '11, Max Ramge '11
Back: Cale Bonderman '11

Eli Bontrager, left, and Lucien Blakemore, right, rockin' out at the Winter Band Concert.

Robinson Meng, class of ’14, snapped this gorgeous photo on a recent wintery day.

Guest Speaker Dr. Leonard Sax, a leading expert on the role that gender plays in child development and education, visited CRMS recently to work with faculty and speak to the greater community about "Stress and Resilience - What Every Parent Should Know." Dr. Sax compared how boys handle stress to how girls cope with it. He also explored strategies for building resilience and how to teach humility without humiliation.

Ben Holland captures an icicle up close on campus.

CRMS Students take to the trails to compete in the Oystermeister Run - the second event of the famous Oystermeister competition.

CRMS Students in a scene from "The Diary of Anne Frank." The students performed on Friday and Saturday night and it was a huge success!

CRMS students rock out at Coffee House last weekend. (L to R) Riley Ames '14, Matthew Paliminio '16, Veronica Cassador '14, and Ruby Rappaport '15.

A drawing of the CRMS Barn by Chengcheng Han, class of 2014.

Sophia Jacobson '14 snapped this stunning shot of the CRMS Barn on a picturesque fall day.

CRMS students navigate technical terrain on Fall Trip as they make their way to the next summit.

The climbing group displays their excitement on their fall trip. It was filled with beautiful blue skies and splitter hand cracks!

Fall Colors at CRMS as students prepare for their Fall Trip.

Students attended the Snowmass Balloon Festival as part of the CRMS weekend program. Pictured above (starting with the purple jacket and moving clockwise) Libby Kasmer, Alexa Sperry, Lucas Browning, Tyler Smith, Josh Carter, Caleigh Smith, Kimbrell Larouche, Mitchell Offe, Lucien Blakemore, and Cleo Ulatowski.

Aaron Zepp, #3 (’14), handles the ball against Basalt in a game that was eventually canceled due to weather.

CRMS students, faculty and staff took their Saturday morning to give back to the community they live, work, and play in by contributing their time to the annual All School Work Day. Community service is a core value, and a way of life, at Colorado Rocky Mountain School.

CRMS Wilderness Student Assistants take a bow after a successful completion of the 2012 Wilderness trip.

Wilderness training group heading out. Student Wilderness Assistant Seniors: (Top Row L to R) Lea Linse, Cleo Ulatowski, Tim Collins. (Front Row L to R) Ben Sardinsky, Michaela Craig, Lane Edwards, Mollie Podmore and Josh Carter. (Bottom Row L to R) Diane Hackl, Active Program Director; Juanma Martin, Faculty; Robin Colt, Faculty; Amy Christeson, Director of Outdoor Program; Mark Gotfredson, Director of Communications; BJ Sbarra, Residential Life Coordinator.

The 2012-2013 reunion took place recently, where over fifty alumni from a number of graduating classes returned to campus to reconnect and reminisce.

The Rocky Mountain Smiths Blacksmith Conference was recently held on campus, at the CRMS Mountain Forge. Above is a photo from Allison Finn's class, submitted by Renee Ramge.

(HS)2 Class of 2012 celebrated during its recent graduation ceremony.

Students in the High School High Scholar (HS)2 program posing for a picture at the summit of Mt. Sopris (12,966 feet).


Students in the High School High Scholar (HS)2 program convene to peruse art pieces completed by their peers.

Water is life and clean water is life sustaining. Chemistry students in the HS(2) program, at CRMS, are beginning to investigate water quality and the chemistry behind clean water. Chad Rudow from the Roaring Fork Conservancy visited students recently to guide them through the various techniques used to determine water quality in freshwater streams and lakes. HS(2) students over the next 4 weeks will also be conducting research that will be utilized by the Roaring Fork Conservancy in their river monitoring programs.

As a highlight of graduation events that took place throughout the week, the CRMS community and guests witnessed the Class of 2012 receive their diplomas and join the prestigious group of CRMS alumni.

5/ 31/2012
As part of the students' final semester grade for music, they performed for the community in the Spring Band Concert. It was a delightful evening of music which showcased the music program and demonstrated the diverse skills that the students obtained. With each song you saw students adapting to a new instrument or stepping out of their comfort zones to stretch themselves. This performance was just a prelude to one of the school's highlights every year, Spring Coffee House.

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